Tikrit, city of Iraq, for the most soldiers here “Life” is the critical position between victory and defeat. One soldier is looking at the screen of a desktop PC, from the speakers sound the screams of a girl with blue eyes, her mom is singing and her dad is smiling, such a happy scene in … Continue Reading

In Greatness the Sun Sets

Every sunset is made to be great, the sun is bleeding as we paint red the world, our heart is bleeding, bleeding from love, “Oh… what a beautiful blood“. After a while the night came and treated his wounds, the moon, the moon hugged us wounds to ease the pain and scare away the thought … Continue Reading

Salvation Inc…

I have been studying all night, I am a doctor to be and I am learning how to prolong life inside a damaged heart, I also work on my free afternoons to be able to afford my goal, my dream is to save as many as I can, but for now I am trying to save time, my very … Continue Reading