DESCRIPTION : ♦ Acrylic on canvas    Is it bless or curse ? Fire is what it causes, Too much to tell and explain for swollen lips that trembled next to burning cheekbones, a close up to an emotion sensing the world, standing there feeling nothing at all except that desire that can burn and entire … Continue Reading

Lady Heart

With a bouquet of roses, colorful thoughts and feelings jumping thru the scars and running freely as they should… liberated from the pain the true sights of healing.   #acrylic on canvas


  DESCRIPTION : ♦ Acrylic on canvas – 61,5 x 89 cm   “Death-by-water”, a study on hope. Water that makes and takes life, an illness and cure, where the value raises the value that really offers life and too much of it, death from it. An allegoric painting by G.P. Moci, who often sets … Continue Reading


DESCRIPTION : ♦ Acrylic on canvas – 77,5 x 67,5 cm   “The moment we evaporate skin, thoughts, heart and all, we, as we fade and reappear as a shadow, a trembling image which is unable to function. This artwork depicts depression in a moment that it shows its greater force, when actually we are … Continue Reading


DESCRIPTION : ♦ Acrylic on canvas – 57,5 x 102,5 cm   Quite unusual, an asymmetric depiction of an idea and a thought, perhaps a life dream for some or a scary situation for others. This painting is about LOve. Family is depicted as a rainbow that can twist and stretch, extend and overflow. You … Continue Reading


DESCRIPTION : ♦ Acrylic on canvas – 47 x 29,5 cm   ∼SEED∼ The continuity of life, shape, value looks and size, ceaselessly, endlessly, tale of history…        


DESCRIPTION : Acrylic on canvas – 61,5 x 90.5 cm “Argument”, about what? How the one or the other could ever win and convince a lost mind and an angry hand ready to strike not with words, but with a brutal stupidity and weak force! An allegory about how we argue over things.


DESCRIPTION :  ♦ Acrylic on canvas – 58,5 x 91 cm   This painting is about rules and geometry. Static figures that are obedient to their form and role, blend with the norm of the landscape. A play like a theatrical stage, but not, these are tricky minds and ambitious kings, all these fools…   


DESCRIPTION : ♦ Acrylic on canvas – 56 x 98 cm   This is painting could be about a nightmare, something surreal, but true to its inspiration, just like every nightmare does, but is not one. This artwork is about life on a market, on a bar after the moon reaches the height of the … Continue Reading

Art class

DESCRIPTION : ♦ Acrylic on canvas – 53 x 71 cm   A moment of creation… A place that spaces the boundaries of creativity, where all and nothing happens in an art class. A creator in the moment she deserves every sight. She is liberated to connect and by that to create and separate the … Continue Reading