LOVe Covered with hugs warm breaths and tender arms. staring at the blistering cold. feelings lay together, against the world.

Your eyes tonight

Your eyes tonight white moonlight shivering starlight.    

I wish

I wish   I wish I could be your favorite kiss I wish I could be your favorite hug I wish I could be the one and only wish you are for me    

Life-saving kiss

Life-saving kiss words you can’t hear spoken form my cracked lips from there, my soul bleeds craving for you and your lips.

Beloved black

beloved black       Black is art, Every other color Explains that.    

Fun with day and night

Fun with day & night Expensive sunglasses for a cheap old sunlight. Expensive darkness for a cheap led light.


Snapshot         Light is the greatest ink On a paper where the whole world is about the value of the shutter speed.    

Let us be our dreams

let us be our dreams     find me ordinary, but please make extraordinary dreams with me. True love is when we close our eyes, will you make dreams with me? let’s do what dreams do, and stay awake to see      


unspoken…. what to understand from silence what connects us with that voice. can this be forever? gift me a reason for words.    

I miss your voice

I miss your voice       only you can make the noise of the world, louder, and and me, to love it ever more, because in that noise I found and loved your voice.