She is a mighty wave which for miles flow
She is a wind which opens the window slow
She is the night which out of shy forgets to glow
She is the best poetry that I ever saw
She is all the flowers of the spring which ceaselessly grow

I am a judge who kills every hope for a law
I am the last spring that waits for the summer to grow
I am the winter which keeps the leaves of the trees low

I am the poem which made a poet well known
I am the poet who speaks for her love as the only beauty in the world

She made me write
I write only for her
She made me care

Now, we are beauty strapped with duty
We are the hands that forever hold
We are the winter that will never be cold
We are all the bees of the world flying against the winds, bold

It was a story of me and you
It was a story made of true
It was a story made of blue

Since I lost her forever in the ground I was glued
A ground made of heaven with feet made of wings


Her memory is divine

She will be forever mine…

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